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who we are

With years of technical experience, training and extensive research, our team are best placed to bring your digital dreams to fruition. Our team of professional programmers, developers, designers, and content writers speak the language of the real world, the digital, and of your customers. 

We guide businesses and brands through the online clutter and position them as authorities in their field of expertise. By keeping the process transparent and by closely collaborating with management and key internal influencers, we effectively drive and achieve the desired results

Why Choose Digital Collab?

  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Quality Service from Design to Delivery
  • Superb Client Communication
  • On Time Project Delivery

what makes us different


We are all based in NZ & work together as a team to deliver a world class customer experience to all our customers.


We are all about results. We deliver sustainable results on time, on budget. Every time.


We carefully select our customers based on our values and work together, long term so everyone wins.


Pacific Business Trust (PBT)
We are a registered service provider at Pacific Business trust. Your business advisor at PBT will identify areas of growth or development within your business, and then help connect you with trusted service providers like Digital Collab, who can best support you with your business or professional development goals.
Rachel Lewis – Digital Collab
Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development(ATEED)
We are a registered service provider for Regional Business Partners. It is a gateway that connects you to the right advice, people and resources. Working together, they will help you strengthen and grow your business in many different ways.Funded by the New Zealand government, the RBP Network consists of 14 regional growth agencies throughout the country.
Amotai | Supplier diversity Aotearoa

Amotai is Aotearoa’s Supplier Diversity Intermediary. Amotai provides Māori and Pasifika businesses with connections to Buyers who recognise the added social value buying from Māori and Pasifika businesses can create in our communities. 

For Eligibility criteria, please contact us at hello@digitalcollab.co.nz

work with us

Lets collaborate and make something great together
This domain was acquired by Net Branding in 2023. It’s important to emphasise that Net Branding has been a key player in the digital space since 2008. We want to clarify that we are not affiliated with Digital Collab nor any of its directors or team members